When a Navy boat crashed last week into the south jetty in the Charleston Harbor, it sounded like the rescue crew had enough on their hands. However, when the Charleston fire boat began to go meet them, they too got in an accident after hitting an object that caused the boat to take on water. Now, investigators are trying to figure out what happened with both boats. 

According to an article in the Post and Courier, a Navy Patrol boat hit a jetty at 10 p.m. on Saturday night last week. Three of the five crew on board were injured, causing them to call the North Charleston Fire Department to rescue the sailors. On the way, the 36-foot fire boat hit something in the water. 

Back on the Coast Guard boat, one of the three injured sailors was then airlifted by a Coast Guard helicopter. The other two were transported by another Coast Guard boat. The disabled fire boat was then towed to shore. 

Officials are now trying to figure out what happened. However, this is not the first time the fire boat has found itself unable to be used.

"The accident marks the second time that the $850,000 boat, named the Louis Behrens, has fallen out of service for repairs since it was christened in November," the news source reported. "Electronics malfunctions sidelined the vessel for a week in January." 

A string of incidents like these are often reminders to boat owners of the potential accidents boats can find themselves in. In case of an incident like these ones, boat owners are often encouraged to invest in marine insurance to protect their property. 

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