Everyone has a role to play in being better stewards of the planet.

The failure to properly dispose plastics is plaguing the planet. Several cities have installed policies aimed to curb the use of plastics, such as by banning bags outright or requiring people to pay for them if they don't bring their own.

The adverse impact has been evident on the high seas, an issue to which many marine contractors can attest. According to study published in the journal Science, 192 countries in 2010 produced a whopping 275 million metric tons of plastic waste. Of this total, between 4.8 and 12.7 million metric tons wound up in the oceans. That's enough to blanket every inch of coastline on the Earth, according to Oceanic Society.

Pollution control is a share responsibility, and as a marine contractor, there are things you can do to be more environmentally aware on the job:

  • Reuse plastics as frequently as possible and volumes by taking advantage of compactors.
  • All waste should be disposed of properly, such as by incineration or through the use of shore reception facilities. Wastes may include plastic, metals, batteries, oily rags, sludge and glass.
  • Separate waste products from one another before disposal.
  • Place compacted material into recycling bins when appropriate.
  • Replace plastic garbage bags with the biodegradable kind whenever possible.

We can all do better jobs to make the world a cleaner place. But accidents happen and Fisk Marine International provides the coverage you need for those occasions where you may be liable, including vessel pollution. Talk to us to learn more about our marine, property and casualty coverage.

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