Ownership of any vessel that will be used for commercial purposes is not without risks. If you purchase one of these vessels, you must have an insurance plan that will cover the unique liabilities that come with its operation.

Here at Fisk Marine Insurance International, we thoroughly understand the marine insurance industry – we’ve made it our specialty. With more than 25 years of collective experience, our insurance agency will help your business find an insurance plan tailored toward your needs. Whether it’s tug boat insurance, charter boat insurance or any other form, we will use our proven, personalized approach to help you find the appropriate level of coverage.

Which liabilities and marine vessels do we have experience with?

Our commercial watercraft insurance covers a number of different liabilities, including collision and vessel pollution. Our clients can also choose to insure or exclude both crew and cargo from their watercraft insurance plans.

Even more comprehensive is the diverse cross-section of commercial watercraft we have experience insuring. It doesn’t matter if the vessels are used to help generate a profit or if they are required for research purposes. We can help you insure any of the following vessels:

  • Blue water hulls
  • Crane and deck barges
  • Dinner cruise boats
  • Fishing charter boats
  • Industrial submarines
  • Manned submersibles
  • Offshore supply and utility boats
  • Oilfield vessels
  • Research vessels
  • Semi-submersibles
  • Service vessels
  • Tourist submarines
  • Tug and barge fleets
  • Work boats.

You rely on these commercial vessels, and the bottom line is you need quality insurance to protect these assets and your operations. With coverage provided by Fisk Marine Insurance International, you’ll be able to remain focused on the day-to-day concerns surrounding your business with the peace of mind that your investments and personnel are protected.

Even though we have a national reach, we still take great pride in the personalized service we are able to give to our clients. We truly appreciate the relationships we have formed with our business partners over the years, so there is nothing we value more than helping them secure affordable, broad coverage from the highest-rated providers in the marine insurance industry.