Oil is one of the most critical natural resources known to man. After being refined into petroleum products, it is used to power our cars, heat our homes and for a number of different industrial uses. As valuable as it may be, though, the process of extracting oil from the depths of the earth is quite complex, as any oilfield manager knows.

There are the day-to-day responsibilities of managing oilfield infrastructure, the need to provide staff with the proper equipment and tools, and the scheduling of regular inspections of rigs and wells. Given that drilling is sometimes conducted miles offshore, there’s a high degree of risk that comes with operating in an isolated environment, where it becomes more of a logistical challenge to replace or repair damaged equipment. Any significant disruption of operations can be disastrous to oil companies’ bottom lines.

Oilfield project managers that have had to replace equipment or restore operations following a problem with one of their rigs fully understand the value of offshore oilfield insurance. As specialists in this area of the insurance, in addition to other forms of marine insurance, Fisk Marine Insurance International has proven its value over the years as the best partner that oilfield engineers, consultants and project managers could have.

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