Diving is no picnic. Commercial divers regularly experience low temperatures, dangerous environments and the risk of equipment breaking down. Instead of insurance from a general provider, diving services providers need coverage that applies to their crew specifically.

Fisk Marine Insurance International brings more than 25 years of industry experience to its clients. Whether you manage offshore oil work, vessel salvage, scientific research or underwater photography, you want professional insurance that meets your industry needs. By working with us, your employees will get the plans that benefit them the most, including disability, life and health insurance.

Why do commercial diving companies need the right insurance?
Fisk Marine knows exactly which insurance is needed for different diving tasks. Here are some reasons to get special solutions for your diving operation:

  • Get comprehensive coverage: From submerged equipment to Jones Act coverage, Fisk Marine’s experience can get you the difficult-to-find coverage at competitive pricing and terms.
  • Keep up with changes: Is your current insurance right for you? Commercial diving contractors need excellent support even if the nature of their business changes over time,
  • Protect investments: The proper insurance will help you retain quality divers and preserve your assets that keep you working.
  • Reduce hassle: Your time is valuable, and we know insurance concerns can be complicated. Leave the process handling to us so you can focus on your work.

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