Even when your boat tour season is not currently operating, the amount of work you have to do to prepare for the times when you will be could demand insurance all of its own. Niagara Falls is an area famous for a high volume of visitors, and so it can be expected that the quality of its local passenger cruises is a high priority for companies that operate in the area.

Writing for Buffalo Business First, James Fink discussed how one of the operators of boats in this region is working to get its three separate boats ready with just a few months before the area can be expecting guests.

The company examined in the article is Hornblower Cruises and Events Inc., which is expecting to see more than a million individual tourists arrive, according to the CEO of the company, Terry MacRae. It has apparently secured a deal that will allow it to operate in the Niagara area until 2042, and MacRae described how fitting together all the parts of one of his company's boats is a painstaking process in the winter.

"Think of the operation as a caterpillar with the way the pieces have to maneuvered down to the gorge," he said. "Generally speaking, it's not a good idea to try on bring a 40-ton hull down the road unless it is really dry and clean."

When you have a deadline to meet, transportation and construction of important equipment must be handled delicately. Losing a major piece of a boat can happen in an instant, and marine insurance will enable you to redouble your efforts should something go wrong in this process.

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