Proper knowledge of boat insurance policies and other necessary certifications and precautions can be one means of fighting against fraud and attempting to keep only those who are authorized behind the driver's seat of particular watercraft.

The Boston Globe recently reported that a Connecticut man has been arrested for impersonating a member of the Coast Guard, complete with attire, weapons, and a boat obtained through fraudulent means.

What has made the story more significant in the media is the name of the perpetrator—he is Bruce Browne, the half-brother of Scott Brown, the former Republican Senator of Massachusetts recently defeated by Elizabeth Warren.

Browne, who was apprehended in possession of more than 200 bullets and other bits of police equipment, had apparently been using an expired ID to perform rounds and conduct investigations on other boaters. Eventually, local citizens called the authorities.

Scott Brown has issued a statement via Facebook, emphasizing his lack of connection to this man, despite their shared lineage.

"I only know as much as you," the statement reads. "I read about it in the news this morning."

Brown went on to denounce the action, saying that "These are serious charges and he will need to answer them. I feel badly for his children and I am thankful that no one was injured."

Officers of the law and others who pilot different types of aquatic vehicles regularly can turn to reliable watercraft insurance in the event that something unexpected happens to one of their boats. Having an unlicensed or falsely identified worker at the helm can be a major liability, and as these things can happen spontaneously, it's best to think about acquiring good coverage in advance.  

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