The lives of those who take the initiative to risk diving to extraordinary depths under the ocean are frequently in danger, and as such, comprehensive diving insurance should be put into place to keep the safety of all crew members in check. This precaution should be even more critical when there are some crew taking part in the dive who are not diving professionals.

Russian President Vladimir Putin is known for the photos displaying his love for outdoors activities, and so it should have been no surprise to both his supporters and critics when he climbed aboard a miniature submersible last month to dive 200 feet underwater. 

Though the president has done scuba dives before, this one was apparently conducted using the Alexander Pushkin, a C-Explorer 5 vehicle deployed in the Gulf of Finland to take the President to see the remains of a 19th-century ship, which are reportedly quite intact.

The dive seems to have taken less than half an hour in total, according to NBC. The ship that was the object of the dive, the Oleg, was first discovered about nine years ago.

In an article on the expedition featured in The Telegraph, Putin described his perception of the downed ship and noted how good a condition it appeared to be in.

"It is lying on its right side," he said. "The name of the ship can be clearly read."

Because such operations require delicacy and exquisite planning, the crew in charge of deployment should check to make sure watercraft insurance and other safeguards have been previously purchased and are in effect before going underwater, even on a routine mission.

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