Boating insurance can help protect both pleasure-seekers and professionals should an outing not go as planned, but like any kind of vehicular catastrophe, aquatic accidents can have larger repercussions that affect communities, states and the entire country.

Boats were barred from traveling up sections of the Mississippi River to help the Coast Guard conduct its search for the C-Pec, a tugboat that has reportedly been missing since Saturday. 

According to the Washington Post, no cause for the sinking of the C-Pec has yet been determined, although it was mentioned by an unidentified stranger that two passengers had been saved before the craft sank. Anytime an accident necessitates the closing of a waterway on this grand of a scale, it can result in inconveniences that affect other crafts, including large ones like the Carnival Cruise ships forced to change course. 

Cases like this have the potential to cause confusion or, in extreme cases, result in other accidents. Marine insurance, including tugboat insurance, can be even more important in such situations.

The missing boat in question is said to be 48 feet long and the search so far seems to be concentrated on the Southern region of the river, in Louisiana. The Post reports that a 10-mile stretch was blocked off on Sunday, while the New Orleans City Business describes a one-mile area as being closed.

Uncertain boaters can never know when a catastrophe might arise during an aquatic excursion, so they should take care to maintain an appropriate boat insurance policy before they take to the waves, especially in tightly bounded spaces.

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