Every new fleet of ROVs requires comprehensive ROV insurance to guarantee protection once operations begin. Companies should invest in this protection beforehand to make sure they are well-prepared, especially when the units are intended for national missions.

For example, a recent press release from Saab announced that the manufacturing company would be taking on a new job for the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration, also known as the FMV, to produce ten new ROVs.

These will be used for "seabed surveys, inspections, light underwater operations, and recovery of objects," and Saab will deliver these Seaeye Falcon models to the Swedish Navy to fill the order by next September.

The Seaeye Falcon has been in use for some time, so it makes sense that the government would turn to this established brand for underwater support. The release features comments from Agneta Kammeby of Saab on the company's wide-ranging expertise.

"This is another example of how Saab combines civil and military technology and adapts it for the requirements and purposes stipulated by the military," Kammeby said. "Over the years, we have developed and established unique expertise within the field and we are delighted and proud of being able to deliver the system to the customer."

The Falcon is just one of Saab's varied line of Seaeye ROVs, including the Panther, the Cougar, the Jaguar and the Lynx, each of which have different designs and features. They also maintain a separate subgroup of special military devices, like the Double Eagle MKIII.

All undersea operations should check the insurance they have for all devices and operators involved in important missions.

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