A transport ship, the MV Parida, led to a possible safety concern last month when it suffered a power outage and ended up drifting in the North Sea. Although the BBC reports that there is currently "no concern" from the vessel according to Scottish port officials, there was alarm at the time because the ship was carrying 3000 liters of radioactive waste originally from Belgium.

It was more than just the ship that prompted action. At the time a fire broke out onboard, the Parida was dangerously close to the Beatrice oil platform, forcing more than 50 people to be evacuated. While the incident did temporarily disrupt production, the fire was reportedly extinguished without anyone onboard the ship or the rig injured.

Afterwards, the Parida was brought to Cromarty Firth in Scotland and moored. The BBC quotes an unnamed spokesperson who says that the ship will be repaired with an eye towards possible future use.

"The integrity of the vessel and the cargo has not been affected by the maritime incident," this person said. "The vessel will remain alongside the pier with appropriate security measures until the repair work is completed. Once a final inspection has taken place, a decision will be made on when the vessel can resume its journey."

Working with a boat insurance company helps industry professionals react when there are unexpected occurrences. This will also help individuals account for long periods of inactivity or lost cargo should a ship suffer inactivity. It's also important that managers who deal with oil rigs have all their workers and facilities covered, so an evacuation doesn't upset normal operations too much.

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