Oil pipeline installation requires divers to be underwater for extended periods of time, and for the proper diving insurance to be in effect. A press release from T.D. Williamson recently announced their deployment of a special pressure isolation system to aid with maintenance of an undersea pipeline in the Gulf of Mexico.

To accomplish this, the team involved made use of the "SmartTool" and a similar device to measure the pressure inside the riser at a depth of nearly 750 feet. Once they had the tool in position, they were able to isolate the pressure level and allow divers to install piggable wye into the system successfully.

With the help of the company's SmartPlug, the gas contained by the pipeline was kept in check and the operation was able to proceed smoothly. 

"Throughout the operation, divers worked near the open-ended line with only the SmartPlug tool preventing the gas pressure from escaping," a release reads. "The wye spool was installed, and the SmartPlug tool was retrieved through a valve fitted with a temporary receiver. The procedure was completed on schedule and without incident."

The precedent set by this activity could have further impact as activity in the Gulf continues to develop. The Colorado-based energy company known as American Midstream is one of the entities expanding into this area, a deal that will reportedly be finalized sometime this month.

This company also owns pipelines in Louisiana, so the deal it has made to purchase more infrastructure shows how the gas processing will need to be supplemented with appropriate protections and safeguards.

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