Fishing companies based outside of New Zealand but still have to operate there have a new local law they have to abide by. According to New Zealand Stuff, this bill, which sets a deadline for 2016, will require these companies to follow local New Zealand labor laws when it comes to their crew.

The law is intended to crack down on rights abuses and enforce better treatment of fishing crew members while they are operating in New Zealand waters. It is known as the Fisheries Bill and was prompted in part by previous investigations into the atrocious working conditions aboard these vessels.

In an article for TVNZ, Nathan Guy, the primary industries minister, confidently described the protections that this legislation will reportedly bring to fishing professionals.

"This will give us full jurisdiction over areas like employment and labor conditions on vessels fishing in New Zealand's Exclusive Economic Zone," he said. "It will help ensure fair standards for all fishing crews working in our waters."

Because of this initiative, foreign charters in this water will be required to display a New Zealand flag to denote their compliance with the law. While some, like seafood company Sealord Group, have welcomed the law, the local Maori Party was accused of protesting the bill, an accusation they deny.

The fishing boat insurance that your company makes use of is a primary part of crew protection and sustaining your future productivity. The application of these kinds of insurance policies will depend upon the regulations dictating where the relevant fishing vessels are in action and what their activity is, specifically.

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