As we reported earlier this month, a speedboat crash in Pensacola, Florida resulted in one death and four injuries after the vessel hit a wave, went airborne and then crashed into the shore. The four individuals injured in the incident are expected to survive. However, the event is a reminder of the dangers that can arise while out on the water and of the importance of acquiring proper marine insurance.

Last week, divers were sent to the waters surrounding the crash site to recover the part of the boat that had crashed into the water, according to the Pensacola News Journal. While the boat did strike the shore, it burst into numerous pieces upon impact, sending debris and much of the vessel back into the water.

At 11 a.m. on April 2, divers were sent to scour the 10-foot-deep waters surrounding the crash site and remained in the area for hours. The divers, who were working with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission (FWC) used SONAR and cameras to find what was left of the boat. According to FWC spokesman Stan Kirkland, pieces of the vessel could be seen floating in the water following the accident. Additionally, about 12 feet of the boat, its motors and a large amount of gasoline remained in the water.

The investigation surrounding the crash is still underway and is not expected to reach completion for a number of weeks.

The news of the crash and the surrounding recovery effort shows how much impact a boat crash can have. In addition to the legal dealings surrounding the collision, there are a great amount of resources when divers are brought in for the recovery process, whether they're from a state organization or private company. For those companies, investing in commercial diving insurance is a necessity to avoid further turmoil surrounding an accident.

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