It should go without saying that any increase in the amount of boats that are being bought should bring more attention to the way that insurance is handled and thought about. According to the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), there's good news on the horizon when it comes to the boating industry.

Specifically, a release from this organization details that last year saw sales of powerboats grow by more than 6 percent last year, with the numbers only expected to climb higher in the coming year. What can we attribute this uptick in consumer interest to? The release cites a quote from NMMA President Thom Dammrich, on the way that better overall economic market strength is at least somewhat responsible for this.

"We're seeing more and more Americans take to the water, as our participation numbers are at an all-time high—88 million Americans went boating in 2012," Dammrich said. "This indicates that with experience on the water comes an interest in life on the water and the subsequent purchase of a boat."

A Vote for the Economy

The economy as a whole might benefit from a strong investment in these kinds of vessels, at least according to the NMMA, especially since the boats sold in the United States are almost exclusively manufactured domestically.

Boat insurance companies will have a key role to play in ensuring that newly purchased vessels are properly taken care of. No matter what the model of your boat is, there's a good chance that an insurance solution will be necessary in the coming years.

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