When situations spin out of control, more and more parties may need to put their vessels and marine insurance resources into action. One example of this can be seen in a much-reported recent case where things have gone from bad to worse for two arctic ships trapped where they are.

The NBC News story on this series of events has detailed the way an attempt to rescue one Russian ship in Antarctica has led to more problems and complications.

It all began when this ship found itself surrounded by ice last week and became the subject of international rescue efforts. Australia has a ship that is set to provide aid to the 74 people originally stranded, but now they are among the other boats that are battling time and the elements to make it to the site.

Even the presence of icebreaker ships, which are equipped with the power to break through heavy icy barriers. Some of the passengers onboard the Russian ship are said to be tourists.

Though it appears that supply levels on these boats aren't a problem for the time being, there's the very real question of what might happen in the long run. At this point, the Discovery Channel reports that the Australian Maritime Safety Authority is trying to figure out the best tactic to take.

"A helicopter equipped Chinese flagged vessel remains in the vicinity to assist if necessary," this authority supposedly said in a recent statement, according to the source.

Travel in dangerous waters might result in the need for operations that depend on the capabilities of others, and expose your crew to new working conditions. With marine vessel insurance, you can try to work around these circumstances and worry about survival first.

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