What was supposed to be a family adventure turned deadly, when British broadcasting company BSkyB sales executive Nick Milligan and his family went boating this month near Cornwall, England. 

According to a BBC article, Milligan and his wife Victoria and four children were on the Camel Estuary when the inflatable speedboat unexpectedly threw the entire family into the water. The boat continued to go in circles, killing Milligan and his eight-year-old daughter, and injuring the other four, two with "life-threatening injuries."

The boat came under control when a nearby water-skiing instructor jumped on board while the boat was still running, and cut the engine. The four surviving family members were taken to the nearby hospital.

Now, there is an investigation as to why the engine didn't shut off when the driver went overboard through the "kill cord," which attaches the driver to the engine. 

"It is possible for the operator, the driver of the boat, to connect the kill cord to the throttle so the engine will work, but they don't connect it to themselves," Richard Falk of the Royal Yachting Association said to the news source. "If they then move away from that throttle or steering position the engine won't cut out."

He also said that it's possible the kill cord wasn't operating properly – a "worst case scenario."

For boaters, this unfortunate incident is one reminder of the necessities of boat insurance coverage. As safe as these activities are intended, there are still unexpected scenarios. With strong security measures, boat lovers can continue to ride safely.

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