As requirements for operating in the offshore drilling industry become more rigorous, GE Oil & Gas is preparing. CEO Dan Heintzelman said during a presentation at the 2013 Offshore Technology Conference that it is expanding its technology to be able to better adapt to the challenges of this industry. 

According to an article in Rigzone, the company has been introducing new systems, including the next-generation SeaONYX, which prevents deepwater blowouts, and the SeaSmart Offshore Package, which powers offshore oil rigs but with less energy than its past version, which was released in 2009. The company also released new technologies that will help detect leaks more easily and allow multiple drilling operations at the same time, on the same well pad. In all, these new systems are intended to increase efficiency and safety for the company. 

"With one of the industry's most comprehensive portfolios of advanced technology solutions and services, GE Oil & Gas is helping to solve complex challenges all around the world," Heintzelman said at the conference. "GE's global scale and deep R&D experience, combined with cross-business technology sharing and innovations from our recent acquisitions uniquely position us to help our customers be more efficient, productive and competitive."

As offshore drilling companies find themselves facing more challenges, investing in not only new technology, but the necessary offshore oilfield insurance, is also vital. For those in the industry who are working to meet  increasing demands, ensuring that all equipment is insured can help offshore oil companies continue to work safely, regardless of whatever future changes arise. 

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