Considering the problems that stand to happen onboard any kind of watercraft, technological advances deserve to be accounted for through evolved watercraft insurance. LOMOcean Design has created a bold type of boat, for example, that utilizes solar power in ways that have been up to now unsurpassed. In times when energy concerns are on the minds of many, does this ship represent a new solution to familiar woes?

According to CNN, this 60-ton vessel, known as the MS Turanor Planet Solar, arrived in London this week to show off its capabilities. Photos of the craft show the surface of the deck covered with solar cells that passengers can walk on, and it also expands to different lengths. There are six rooms within the confines of the ship to house sailors, but what those behind the creation of the craft, including professor and lead researcher Martin Beniston, are emphasizing the most is what it could mean for green energy.

"The fact that the boat doesn't create any pollutants means what we measure is as natural as possible," he said.

There are 80 solar panels in use and they can reportedly keep the boat powered for three consecutive days when fully charged. Weather conditions and other temperamental factors subject to change might play a critical role in a special vessel of this kind.

Staying connected to the developments that are changing the world we live in can be crucial to those who operate fleets of marine vessels for any purpose. Securing boat insurance both establishes your seriousness as an owner and communicates an understanding of the high value of the property you are responsible for.

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