May 21, 2013 / ROV

We've written recently about the ability of new offshore drilling to go to deeper depths than ever before. Shell recently announced that it would be launching an offloading vessel and subsea infrastructure in the Gulf of Mexico, farther away from the coast to allow the vessel to reach new depths.

Other companies have also been working to reach farther down with the goal of obtaining more oil than they would with more shallow structures. But with this new trend of digging deeper comes the need for new tools, and an article in Investor's Business Daily explains how this led to one offshore drilling company's entrance into the ROV market.

The article said that Oceaneering International, which originally began as a diving business for Gulf of Mexico oil companies, began selling ROVs after the company realized the potential of these systems. 

"ROVs handle technical tasks and inspections as deep as two miles below the ocean surface," the article said. "They play a critical role in offshore rig maintenance and support. More offshore drilling rigs mean more demand for Oceaneering's technical know-how."

The article also explained that as more companies decide to operate in deeper depths, the need for these machines will continue to grow. But in addition to investing in ROVs, having the proper protection for these machines is also vital. For those in the offshore drilling industry, having the appropriate ROV operators insurance and offshore oilfield insurance can help project managers complete their jobs efficiently, and add an extra level of security to the dangerous industry.

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