While this blog loves to bring new innovations to your attention, there's always that tension as to whether a certain craft is really going to take off and be worth reporting about. However, an Italian company has recently announced the "Jet Capsule," a craft that could be significant to both personal recreational boat enthusiasts and, eventually, commercial companies.

Lazzarini Design's offering certainly looks to have applications in multiple areas: in addition to being a "party pod," the jet capsule, which resembles a miniaturized enclosed ship (or an escape pod from an 80s sci-fi movie), offers several potential variants on its website, including possible uses for law enforcement and the military.

However, right now the main concern is the "pure pod" itself, which, as Wired notes, is customizable. All of these features shouldn't distract from the need for safety, and how easy would it be to forget about the right watercraft insurance possibilities when it comes to this kind of new offering?

But especially when it comes to something this new, marine insurance is a requirement. Although there's no set launch date or price tag attached to this product at the moment, there's a sense that paying attention to this might pay off if these vessels really make their way into the military.

So, if you're considering incorporating these upgrades to your fleet, make sure you know in advance what tactic you will be adopting in regards to keeping these in use for years after their implementation. Because they can be customized, you may need specially customized coverage that takes your intentions into account.

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