Last year, an accident resulted in the drowning of an experienced diver named Kevin Kraemer off of the Virginia coast during a dive. Now, the sentence has been delivered, and the company that ran the diving boat was used found to be at fault.

Dive support vessel insurance can be a necessary means of structure in the face of problematic situations like this. Even if the vessel itself isn't damaged, it's important that coverage be in place, because you never know what factors may be deemed relevant to a certain case.

According to the Virginian-Pilot, Kraemer was part of an expedition to a shipwreck site but drowned after suddenly emerging above the water. Although the crew supervising the dive onboard the ship known as the Miss Lindsey were qualified and licensed, the judge in the case, Michael Devine, determined that improper response efforts had contributed to Kraemer's fatality.

Even in accidents where the bulk of fault is not attributed to your business, there can be consequences for a provider that doesn't have the right policies activated and ready to go. In this case, the Pilot quoted the judge's assertion that Rebecca Jo Spalding and other crew onboard were sloppy in their actions.

"The evidence shows the crew was not vigilant and appeared unprepared to provide sufficient assistance to a distressed diver on June 9, 2012," he said. Spalding has since had her marine license suspended.

Stay alert, aware and prepared with marine insurance providers that will keep you informed of the incidental factors that could contribute to a ruling in either direction.

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