There are yachts, and then there are yachts.

CBS 8 recently reported on the case of luxury ships that are launching their own related sub-industries within the world of personal boating. These so-called "megayachts" or "superyachts" can exceed 150 feet and contain extravagant facilities, including bedrooms, onboard plumbing and even a boat-specific Jacuzzi.

But while this might sound unspeakably decadent and the domain of the super rich, the article also discusses the way that these vessels can impact the overall community and require supplies and crew from outside. In this sense, crew insurance can be just as important here as when dealing with a commercial cruise liner or other kind of large ship.

One way this has manifested is in the increased importance of the "support yacht," a type of mini-yacht whose sole purpose is to supply the larger yacht that it follows behind.

CNBC's Robert Frank commented in 2012 on the launch of the SEA AXE 6711, a support yacht from the company Amels. Just like the "regular" megayachts themselves, support yachts bring with them all sorts of requirements and contingencies which allow the original yacht owners to keep access to vehicles and valuables while at sea.

"Storing a 40-foot luxury speedboat on board can take up huge amount of space – not to mention the crane that's needed to lift them to and from the water," Frank writes.

In addition to the safety and extra help that these smaller vessels can lend, owner may also need boat insurance that provides for them too and takes some of the guesswork out of their boating.

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