Fisk_CommercialDiveNo matter what your job, disability is common. One out of every eight workers in general is likely to be disabled for at least five years out of his or her career, and one out of every five will be kept off the job for a year or more before they turn 65. Most disabilities are more likely to come from non-work-related sources, which by the way, would not typically be covered by worker’s compensation.

What’s more, most life and disability insurance carriers simply will not insure commercial divers – not even with a work related loss exclusion. Commercial diving-specific work hazards require specific coverage to address that exposure, but divers also need to be ready for all of the other unexpected non-work related hazards.

What Fisk Marine Insurance International offers is unique. We provide the difficult to obtain coverage that divers need and should have. Commercial Divers should get a policy that makes them feel safe, and our offerings cover most of the causes of disability they are likely to face. Dealing with on-the-job commercial diving risks requires knowledge of the relevant laws, including the Jones Act and the US Longshore and Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act, which we also bring to the table.

For us, individuality is a key focus. Unlike other insurance providers, which may refuse to provide policies for individual divers, we provide the specific policies that cover each worker with the insurance coverage they need. This comes from our expertise working with individual medical, life, vision, dental and disability insurance for a variety of marine industries, from offshore exploration to scientific research. Policies can also include employee benefits and other important concerns, such as supplemental retirement income.

We can offer Life, Health and Disability insurance for groups, too, under Employer Sponsored Benefits for Commercial Diving Companies. Clients should turn to us for the policies they need, since we have the know-how to provide them.

To start learning about the insurance policies that can best protect you, download and submit a request for an individual disability or life insurance plan. Our site is secure and encrypted, and all personal information will be handled confidentially. For more details on our various benefits and services coverages, send us a message through our online submission form.