February 9, 2015 / ROV

Commercial divers who spend the majority of their time working underwater need to use the most advanced equipment to optimize their activity and record objects in great detail. JW Fishers recently spotlighted its underwater video equipment, and how it helped divers with surveillance in difficult-to-reach areas.

In a press release, the company detailed several different approaches to underwater monitoring that are possible with its devices. Each has its own potential applications and could lend itself more naturally to certain kinds of underwater work for policemen, construction crews, and other professional commercial divers. These include the following:

  • MC-1 Mini Camera: Either mounted to a worker's helmet or kept in the hand, this camera makes it easy to record firsthand experiences while submerged. The source gives two examples of this in action: a fire department in Georgia and a water tank inspection company in Massachusetts, who used the MC-1 to view underwater sites that a crew may enter and investigate water storage facilities, respectively. The latter business specifically depends on high-quality footage for their clients.
  • SeaLion-2 ROV: This option makes for a multi-faceted way to enhance a police unit's capabilities, as it can perform different enforcement tasks in an underwater environment. Since it can fit in places where monitoring by a human diver is not as feasible, such as under a hull or in a river, operators can use the SeaLion help authorities detect contraband and perform complicated searches, among other policing tasks.
  • TOV-1 Towed Video System: Clients like DOF Subsea and the Rochester Police in Rochester, NY, prefer this over the ROV model because it is affordable and can use 100 watt-lights to search for long periods of time in dark spaces.
  • DV-1 Drop Video: A portable, highly-visible unit, this device is designed to be lowered from a boat down underwater, and has been deployed in the United Arab Emirates as part of an environmental initiative to create an artificial oasis run on renewable energy.

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