September 10, 2015 / ROV

With all of the different environmental factors that can affect ocean surroundings, surveyors need tools that will successfully account for all of the different factors influencing the waters and surrounding sea life. Ocean News & Technology recently reported on the efforts of ALSEAMAR to develop tools for remote operation that can make underwater observation easier.

ALSEAMAR is the company behind the SEA EXPLORER, a device capable of observing multiple chemical factors in marine environments and relaying that information back to its users. While it has been designed for several possible uses, "green" awareness factors heavily into its operation: not only is the SEA EXPLORER useful for detecting pollutants, it also runs off of environmentally-friendly rechargeable batteries that reduce energy waste.

This device also bears a special sensor designed to help operators detect contaminants. In the article, ALSEAMAR's Laurent Beguery described the reaction to the company's involvement in a 2014 pre-exploration survey.

"ALSEAMAR is delighted to have been awarded this contract having the opportunity to demonstrate the benefits of using a SEA EXPLORER glider in the Oil&Gas industry," Beguery said. "Our glider team showcased our capabilities in offering innovative services and providing valuable information for offshore exploration and production programs. We look forward to developing our services on future projects."

Because the glider is promoted largely for its versatility, surveyors need to anticipate the role that equipment with multiple functions will play in their operations. Perusing the latest insurance options for ROVs may help operators find an option that can provide specific coverage based on the nature of their work.

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