Saab is working with the United States Military for a smarter, high tech approach to underwater explosives.
June 1, 2016 / ROV

ROVs have long helped operators perform tasks that were too dangerous for humans. In this vein, Saab has created a new unit to help hunt for explosives hidden underwater. Called the Sea Wasp, this device represents a combined effort between the manufacturer and multiple government organizations to establish a method for protecting different types of vessels on the water.

Fox News reported that the Sea Wasp could specifically reduce the threat of "improvised explosive devices" left offshore, which could threaten any vessel passing by them. While professional divers can locate and disarm these devices, using a remote vehicle may allow ROV operators to handle these options more safely.

The official Saab website says that this model "takes vessels and men out of the threat envelope" using similar tactics to those of land-based robots. The Sea Wasp is both sturdy enough to withstand strong ocean currents and lightweight enough that it can be carried to its location in a light support vehicle.

"A key aspect of this device is its flexibility."

Another key aspect of this device is its flexibility. Users can add various sensors to help improve the Sea Wasp's accuracy, and it can be fit to match support vessels correctly.

In a May 17 press release on this product, Saab North America's Vice President of Naval Programs, Jon Kaufmann, explained the vehicle's role in explosive ordinance disposal.

"The U.S. unmanned underwater vehicle market is very important for Saab," Kaufmann said. "Our goal with Sea Wasp is to meet U.S. national security needs with an underwater, anti-IED device that keeps EOD teams safe."

Operators may have to reassess the insurance they use for offshore work. With extensive coverage, contractors can account for a variety of different dangers and damages that could arise during an expedition.

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