July 25, 2013 / ROV

Users of research vessels and other craft used for discovery missions should take into account exactly how much boat insurance coverage and other policies they have and will need before beginning a new expedition somewhere. One particular mission has turned up some intriguing artifacts off of the coast near Galveston, Texas. 

An unidentified ship thought to be around 200 years old lies below the surface in the Gulf of Mexico. Though its existence has been known for more than a year, the downed ship's origin is still unclear. However, a team from Texas State University is taking it upon themselves to investigate, using an ROV to make assessments 4,300 feet beneath the waves. Despite the amount of time the wreck has been underwater, it and its contents appear to be in good condition, the San Marcos Mercury reports.

Frederick Hanselmann is said to be leading this mission, and he described to the Mercury several objects that have been found within the wreck.

"We recovered an octant, liquor bottles, a ceramic jar called a 'cantaro' used in the Yucatan, possible Spanish majolica, a decanter, a demijohn, and other miscellaneous ceramics and bottles, and we are also developing a strategy to recover some of the muskets and swords," he said.

ROV insurance is another necessity for working with deep objects lost to the deep. Delicate items, particularly those of an historical nature, should be handled with care. Making sure that all remote tools are operating at their best capacity and protected can also be a means of ensuring whatever mission goes smoothly.    

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