July 8, 2015 / ROV

ROV insurance provides necessary coverage for both short and long-term projects. A press release from VideoRay recently spotlighted the achievements of one long-term ROV project for Stinger Technology AS that has lasted for 19 continuous months, or 14,000 hours, a record-setting amount of time for any ROV unit.

While the statement emphasizes the historic nature of this achievement, it also adds some qualifiers. The VideoRay Pro 4 was used for strategic flight in the work site in the North Sea and was managed via WiFi for more direct access to the ROV's functions.

During this time, the unit did not receive any routine maintenance above the water, although pilots were able to dislodge accumulated debris on the ROV by activating the thrusters briefly after its use. The unit was intended for versatile uses, and could eventually serve as an emergency response and monitoring as needed to deploy a quick solution when a crisis occurs at a 

In the release, VideoRay founder Scott Bentley praised the work that occurred as part of this project.

"Eliminating the need for the operator to be physically near the surface unit for our ROVs has been a long term goal at VideoRay," Bentley said. "Stinger's innovation here is extremely impressive, and we are proud to partner with them on this project." He added that this unit will set the stage for other innovations in the future as user needs increase.

Customized ROV insurance will prepare operators for long deployments, as well as moments when the units are exposed to hazards during transition above water. The same protections can also apply to an ROV when it is being exhibited or otherwise taken out of its element, if only temporarily.

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