October 8, 2015 / ROV

This month, VideoRay launched a new lightweight system for users interested in conducting diving work nearly 250 feet underwater. This unit, the Voyager, was announced in the first week of September and heralded further developments from the brand, which later deployed one of its Mission Specialist systems in a Dutch Springs demonstration.

As a piece in Marine Technology News details, the Voyager builds on familiar VideoRay features while adding both a color camera and matching color LCD screen for operators to adjust during use. The unit can travel at speeds of nearly 3 knots and sports a streamlined design for easy storage and maneuverability.

What this and the related VideoRay Cavitation Cleaner show is the company's versatility in meeting different kinds of underwater mission needs. This device is intended to help users clean difficult-to-reach surfaces underwater and could be used for both vessels and partially submerged structures. It's intended as the first of a series of Mission Specialist systems designed to meet custom needs.

In an official post on the VideoRay newsfeed, the company listed some of the further applications that future Mission Specialist systems will have as new options are revealed. "Currently, plans are underway for systems for 3D surveys, tunnel penetration, mine countermeasures (MCM), as well as a fly-out system for a long-term or permanent deployment," the source states.

For ROV systems new and old, comprehensive insurance coverage should affect the tools and attachments as well as the units. Insurance for ROVs can be customized to match technological advances and the specifics of a company's work.

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