February 24, 2014 / ROV

In addition to having comprehensive ROV insurance, you will also need policies that account for the newest models that your company takes on. This might include the Deep Trekker DTG2, an apparatus with an appropriately robotic name originating from the Deep Trekker company based in Canada.

A Maritime Journal article on this device recently focused on the smooth yet durable design that reportedly allows it to move easily while submerged. Though the unnamed reviewer noted that these devices have some limitations, particularly when it comes to power, they also can present advantages to diving companies who need flexibility and can have many different uses.

"Because of the DTG2's fully self contained power system, portability and simple controls, it lends itself to any situation where rapid and easy deployment are critical, such as SAR, police and military applications," the article reads.

On its website, the company actually boasts several different packages for the DTG2, including one, called the "Worker" model that comes with an arm extension that can be used to perform various tasks underwater. Or, as the copy puts it, a benefit for "treasure hunters, search and rescue crews, or someone who lost their sunglasses underwater."

ROV operators insurance might need to account for the novelty of these newer devices, as well as the specific attachments and functions that will be most relevant to your company. To be safe, you can investigate packages that consider the length of time the ROV will be submerged and the depth of water it can be deployed in.

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