November 12, 2014 / ROV

Last summer, Endurance Exploration Group set out to discover the wreck of the S. S. Connaught, a steamship dating back to the 1860's said to have been carrying thousands of pounds worth of gold when it sank.

Now, the company has reported success, as the Connaught has been located in the northeast Atlantic Ocean. A press release from the organization explained the impact of the find and the effort to recover the precious cargo.

The search mission was made possible through modern technology, including an ROV from Seatronics called the Predator. This model allowed the company to locate and identify the wreckage, verifying different aspects of the ship and several artifacts contained within it. This came after an initial search of the area, which took up 700 square miles.

In this statement, Seatronics' Vice President of Sales, Euan Mackay, said that this mission tested the Predator's features to the utmost. The drone met the challenges while underwater and was able to cope with the conditions it was exposed to due to its durable construction.

"This particular mission for Predator was very complicated, given the depth and strong ocean currents in and around the project area," he said. "The Predator`s thruster control system was configured to maximize the maneuverability in such challenging conditions. This, coupled with the frame and platform design and dependable performance, made it the perfect choice for an inspection vehicle in this class and size."

Operating in untested or new territory will always bring difficulties, but explorers and research teams should feel confident that their equipment is going to be protected. ROV insurance helps delicate or demanding work seem less intimidating in the long run.

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