September 9, 2014 / ROV

In 1845, British explorer Sir John Franklin led an expedition into the Arctic with two ships, both of which have been missing for more than a century. With the help of a remote operated vehicle, Canadian researchers have found one of the historic vessels after a six-year effort. Now, they are trying to determine which one it is.

The two missing ships are the HMS Erebus and the HMS Terror, according to a report from the Globe and Mail. With the Arctic a continuing source of research and oil exploration, area companies with proper ROV insurance will be more prepared for the activity taking place there on behalf of countries around the world.

Although the ships are British in origin, the expedition has been a major find for the Canadian people. Prime Minister Stephen Harper has released a statement through the CBC proclaiming this to be a "historic moment for Canada." Images taken during the exploration show the remnants of the craft on the ocean floor off of the northwest coast of King William Island.

"Since 2008, there have been six major Parks Canada-led searches for the lost Franklin Expedition ships, painstakingly covering many hundreds of square kilometers of the Arctic seabed," Harper said. "It is gratifying that the ship's remains were found during the Government-supported 2014 Victoria Strait Expedition."

Another photo, this one taken above water by the Associated Press, shows crew members using a rope and pulley system to raise a ROV unit. The search was a combined effort of 50 different expeditions.

ROV and international marine insurance help companies maintain proper practices for each operator in complicated efforts such as these.

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