September 20, 2013 / ROV

In addition to attending the OCEANS Conference this blog previously mentioned, Fisk Marine Insurance International LLC will be exhibiting at the VIPS 2013 ROV Conference and Training Symposium, which runs from September 25 to 27, also in San Diego. 

Since we cover so much of the process that goes into the use of this equipment, Fisk Marine Insurance is happy to contribute to this event, which is sponsored by the ROV company Videoray. The use of remote operated vehicles can involve various components depending on the type of work being done, and as technology is constantly evolving, we want to be where we can inform users of this technology and of the best solutions available when it comes to ROV operators insurance.

Whether they are used for safety, discovery, or military applications, the different aspects of proper usage will be explored in sessions with different presenters and include workshops for attendees.

As you can read on our website, Fisk Marine Insurance offers more than two decades of experience with these devices, and knows the ways that they can be impacted by their environment as well as the types of improper use that might result in serious, permanent damage. If these pieces of equipment are meant to be used for extensive periods of time or during multiple expeditions, then the sort of knowledge that Fisk Marine Insurance can bring is especially necessary.

Whatever your interest in ROV deployment, the VIPS Conference will offer a chance to get to know important information about these machines, and Fisk Marine Insurance is excited to be involved. Consult the event's Videoray website to find out more.

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