Following a fatal boating incident that occurred in Connecticut's Housatonic River back in December 2012, police finally arrested a Chaplin man for his involvement in the accident. 

According to the Connecticut Post, 54-year-old Burt Hamilton has been charged with reckless boating, failure to maintain proper lookout and speed in excess of a slow-no-wake zone. The source states that Hamilton, who was operating the 21-foot vessel during the December 7 tragedy, crashed into a dock while attempting to pull into Sunnyside Boat Ramp. The collision caused Donald Bessette, one of the three men riding on the watercraft, to fall overboard into the river. 

When they realized they couldn't find Bessette, the other passengers called 911. Emergency responders arrived at the scene of the accident fifteen minutes after the call came in and located Bessette, who was unconscious, near South Bank Park. Law enforcement officials told the Connecticut Post that the victim wasn't breathing. They rushed him to Griffin Hospital and eventually transferred him to Yale-New Haven where he succumbed to his injuries. 

Hamilton is scheduled appear in Derby Superior Court on April 1. 

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