The best boat insurance providers might help owners put a higher emphasis on understanding the ins and outs of insurance and preventing cases of fraud by ensuring that damage to vessels is covered. One case reported from Queensland, Australia, has seen a man try and scam thousands of dollars unlawfully by lying about an incident with his personal craft.

According to the Courier Mail, Lex Adams has been sentenced to jail for spinning a false story about the way the boat he lived on was destroyed in the midst of floods two years ago. He was originally seeking more than $58,000 in damages from the local government over the course of several months to cover what he claimed was a flood accident that swept his boat out of his grasp. 

Adams might have got away with it, too, except he rather unwisely told the magazine Cruising Helmsman the real story: Adams himself had accidentally run the ship aground on a sand bar. He also noted in the text of the story that the vessel was uninsured, which seems to have sunk his other story pretty quickly. His article in the magazine, "The Day My Life Changed Forever," was even on the front cover.

Needless to say, not all scams are going to be this blatant. Boat insurance coverage should be comprehensive but also used in line with legal policies, and the best providers will know exactly what needs to be done to make the best of difficult situations. This can help boat owners remain calm in a contingency, as they know they can rely on the judgment of their personal insurance source.

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