It's no secret that the offshore drilling industry can be dangerous, but only recently has there been an entire government institute dedicated to this. According to Fuel Fix, the Department of the Interior will be, at the request of an offshore energy advisory committee, creating a group that will help keep safety standards up to speed as technology in the offshore drilling industry rapidly changes. 

The initiative will not have any legislative influence over the industry, but instead will provide information for federal regulators regarding safety issues. The group will likely consist of environmental and regulation experts, and is expected to supply research, as well as train government officials about the industry and help them make more informed regulatory decisions. 

"The continued shift of the offshore oil and gas industry into deeper water and frontier areas requires new expertise for offshore workers and the regulators who oversee leasing, environmental reviews, exploration, development and production operations," Deputy Interior Secretary David Hayes said in a news release announcing news of this group. 

This new initiative is different from the Center for Offshore Safety, which was created by American Petroleum Institute and Shell after the BP oil spill. Instead of backed by industry professionals, the new safety committee will be expected to provide unbiased information and safety tools. 

As the drilling sector evolves, offshore project managers may be expected to improve safety standards or equipment as more information is discovered regarding the industry. With oilfield insurance, managers can expand their business while also protecting their equipment. 

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