According to a story that appeared on this in the Louisiana Record, one diving company has filed a lawsuit against one of its former oil extraction crews. 

The dispute appears to be between Liquid Diving Services and Century Exploration New Orleans, the latter of which is said to have stiffed the diving service for hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for materials and services provided. The suit began last month and is apparently still ongoing.

Oilfield insurance can help companies get a firm grip on the details pertaining to their most important equipment and platforms. Especially in a place as prone to excavation as the Gulf of Mexico area, easing all fears of misconduct is a necessity to efficiency.

Furthermore, the Times-Picayune reports that local efforts focusing on natural gas are set to increase, since there is more supply and increased interest in the possibilities of the region. Lockheed Martin is said to be working on a gas tank in the area that costs nearly $4 million.

So if there's a stated intent to increase drilling and refining in this area, then there's all the more pressure to make sure that operations do not get held up and that all workers are satisfied with the arrangement. Divers shouldn't be ignored, and neither should the policies that surround their employment and protection.

Seek out commercial diving insurance consultants to get the best information before committing to a serious job such as this. And since these plans can trigger other similar efforts, it's important to get energy refining off on the right foot.

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