According to a new report from NPR, divers recently assessed a dam in Washington State and discovered some unsettling news: there's a crack in it.

It doesn't seem to be the cause of a deluge, and it apparently is nothing to worry about. But the find is still of importance to engineers, residents and others who might be affected by changes to such a major structure.

And such discoveries might be important to consider all the same when selecting inland marine insurance policies for your business's waterside structures.

Though Thomas Stredwick of the Grant County Public Utility District downplayed a little of the severity of the crack is in conversation with the media, the Associated Press featured some comments from him on what would happen if the crack in the "spillway" were to lengthen, under the worst case scenario.

"The remainder of the spillway would remain intact and with the current amount of water in the river, the water through that section of the dam would still be normal for this time of year," he said.

Because the dam is a significant source of power for the area, the two-inch-wide crack represents a concern for the local area, and will be investigated by the local utility specialists.

But such operations need to be factual, safe and non-disruptive to the standard performance of these kinds of facilities. A boat insurance company that you partner with might also have the resources to protect you against any possible dangers that your own property might be liable to experience. 

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