A wooden fishing boat capsized off the coast of Australia on March 25, killing two people and injuring a few others. 

According to United Press International, the watercraft was carrying 95 asylum-seekers – the majority of whom were from Indonesia, Afghanistan and other parts of the Middle East. The individuals who died during the incident were a young boy and woman in her 30s. Additionally, at least one other child and a pregnant woman were treated for injuries after a customs vessel that was nearby at the time pulled them from the water.

Sources haven't announced what caused the boat to capsize, but Al Jazeera states that it isn't uncommon for asylum-seekers to take to Australia via leaky wooden watercraft that probably aren't conducive to the passengers' safety. Hundreds of people die each year when they attempt to make this journey. In fact, just earlier this month 77 people were rescued when their vessel sank en route to Australia. 

The incident occurred approximately 16 miles from Christmas Island, and barges helped ferry the survivors to the shore where they received medical treatment if necessary. 

"We are confident that we have recovered all that we saw in the water," said David Johnston, head of the Border Protection Command. 

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