The Costa Concordia disaster has had such long and far-reaching repercussions that those living in Tuscany and on Giglio Island are formally seeking damages. According to Reuters, local government officials are looking for compensation which could amount to more than $270 million.

Although the bulk of the ship was recently floated from its original crash site and transported to a salvage yard, officials are arguing that the operation has hurt public perception of Tuscany and prevented the normal tourism season from progressing. These declarations come as the disgraced captain of the wrecked vessel, Francesco Schettino, is on trial for his actions leading up to the crash.

The company that managed the Concordia, Costa Cruises, previously agreed to grant compensation payments to the survivors of the wreck. But Enrico Rossi, president of Tuscany, said in a statement quoted by Reuters that the government will pursue proper reimbursement based on the accumulated loss of thousands of possible tourist visits.

"We will ask Costa for 30 million Euros in damages to Tuscany's image," he said. "To reconstruct the image of Tuscany as a top tourist destination will require years of work, substantial investments and costly national and international advertising campaigns."

Last month, the ship was reported as having reached the site where it would be dismantled for scrap metal. During that time, the body of the last missing passenger aboard the ship was recovered and identified.

When operators have marine insurance engaged, they will have the funding ready to account for any major damages that need to be paid for. The money will be secure and used to make sure the victimized parties are taken care of.

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