A fire broke out at a Marshfield, Massachusetts, marina shortly after midnight on December 20, destroying three boats and spurring a federal investigation.

Dave and Karyn Walsh, owners of the 40-foot Viking boat Naut Again, told The Boston Globe that they are devastated by the loss of the vessel, which they had for 12 years and used for frequent family trips.

"I have a knot in my stomach," Karyn Walsh told the source. "It's so many memories. It's like a family member. It's our summer home."

Two commercial fishing boats – including the 42-foot Ellen Marie, which fisherman Derek Chandler had recently bought to expand his tuna-fishing business – were also destroyed by the fire. Chandler said that he hadn't yet insured the boat, as he figured it would be safe in the marina until the spring.

John Taylor, who co-owns the marina, told the source that he couldn't think of any reason why such an intense fire would start on its own with the boats put away for the winter.

State, federal and local fire investigators have been called in to determine whether or not this most recent fire is connected to a string of 19 arsons in the area of Massachusetts between Boston and Cape Cod.

While boat owners may anticipate certain risks associated with being out on the water, the fact is that tragedy can also strike in less expected ways, like when your vessel is ostensibly safe in a marina. People who own boats – for either recreational or commercial purposes – may want to work with a marine insurance agency to gain access to the highest-rated providers in the industry and ensure that they are covered in the case of an unfortunate incident.

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