Collisions between boats and ports can happen quickly and raise marine insurance questions for both damaged entities. This can be a particular danger for boats that make regular scheduled trips, such as ferries between popular destinations.

The Telegraph recently posted footage of the Ostend Spirit, a boat ferry that bridges the U.K. and France, plowing onto land at a shipyard so fast that it shoves two other moored boats aside. An arrival this dramatic might not necessarily be as catastrophic as it appears, and the source reports that this was right before the vessel was to be dismantled anyway and left no major damage behind.

Even though this occurred at the end of the big ship's run, though, the need for safeguards to protect against possible danger in close quarters is still noticeable. The shipyard where this vessel came to rest is in Turkey, and a video catches a glimpse of local workers reacting at the swell of water that surges up as the boat comes in.

In addition, the BBC covered the collision of a boat called the MV Clipper Ranger with a local pier at Stornoway on Lewis. Although this collision seemed to have left none of the passengers hurt, it still required the boat to obtain immediate repairs.

A boat insurance broker can help your company understand the best ways to apply comprehensive coverage when docking, even for boats that have been in use for many years and are close to retirement. You might manage both vessels and shipyards, an undertaking that requires corresponding policies.

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