Fisk Marine Insurance International is not just dedicated to providing standard maritime insurance solutions for situations that might already exist, but heavily interested in the innovations that might require some new configurations of more conventional coverage packages. 

As such, we like to highlight areas where interested parties might encounter and exchange new ideas around the possibilities for marine equipment and vessels, and the Oceanology International conference's "Innovation Zone" seems to be a place like this. 

The conference will take place in London next March 11 to 13, according to their official website, and is looking to encourage investments in the industry to develop these kinds of innovations.

This includes a workshop designed to connect different developers of technology within the oil and gas processing industries particularly. The organization running this event is also currently seeking applicants.

Another interesting feature of this conference will be the presentation of vehicles "live" at the dockside of the presentation area. In the past, this included boats that are equipped with kinds of technology for different special purposes, from survey equipment to environmental solutions, straddling the line between official government projects and private work.

The 2012 conference even included an appearance by the Kommandoren, a refurbished 19th century ship now used for private hire.

Innovation takes many forms, which is part of what can make gatherings of different inspired individuals so exciting. Think of a qualified boat insurance company as another partner in innovation that can increase the flurry of ideas that can sometimes develop and make the future a more satisfying and comprehensive place with protections that match the pace of new propositions.

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