Prepare to indulge at the Divers Welcome Seafood Boil on Feb. 6.

In the mood for seafood? Well, if you're in Louisiana this February and have a hankering for the tastiest shellfish in the entire Gulf Coast, you're in luck!

For the ninth consecutive year, Fisk Marine is proud to present the annual Divers Welcome Seafood Boil, an event that those of us in the commercial diving and marine services industry look forward to for the delicious fare and friendly conversation that makes the three-hour extravaganza fly by. The food fun begins February 6 at 5:30 p.m. at the Rusty Nail on 1100 Constance Street in New Orleans.

Co-sponsored by VideoRay, Oxylance Cutting Systems and Harvey-based BayTech Rentals, the Fisk Marine Divers Welcome Seafood Boil has been a ringing success ever since the first was launched in 2010. This year's iteration is expected to be just as well attended, as per usual, with thousands of divers in town for the two-day Underwater Intervention (UI) trade show held at the Morial Convention Center over on Convention Center Boulevard.

What is a seafood boil?
Perhaps you've heard of a seafood boil but have never actually been to one or seen what they're all about. As its name suggests, these social events involve lots and lots of seafood that is generally boiled in piping hot water, but can also involve baking and steaming. The fare selections are predominantly in the crustacean family – specifically crawfish, lobsters, crab, shrimp and prawns – but they also include fresh-cooked vegetables, like mushrooms, corn on the cob, artichokes and potatoes. Add in a brilliant blend of salt and spices for flavor and heat, and you have a truly delicious dinner that regulars swear by!

Although seafood boils are especially popular in the Bayou State, you'll find them in coastal communities throughout the U.S., including Texas, Georgia, South Carolina and the New England region. Families hold seafood boils as well – frequently during the holidays – as inland relatives can't go home without taking the opportunity to indulge in fresh-caught fish while they're in town.

Mark your calendars and bring your appetite for 9th annual Fisk Marine Divers Welcome Seafood Boil. It promises to be a fantastic time that by the end will have you counting the days until next year's edition. For more information on directions, visit the Rusty Nail's website.

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