Once a watercraft ends its official service, one may wrongly assume that the time for detailed consideration of its care may be over. In truth, this may be when many important preparations and issues of maintenance need to take place if the vehicle in question is to be exhibited to the public and made more accessible and durable.

This can be made a more prominent feature of the care of your retired craft when other technology spotlights your vessel's efforts. Google and C Inside Media have recently extended the familiar "street view" capabilities of Google Maps to include the interior of the submarine known as the HMS Ocelot.

The Ocelot is currently stationed in the UK, in Chatham, but, as NBC News shows, interested online browsers can take a tour themselves with this software and see the various aspects of the craft and how they've been preserved since its service ended in the early 1990s.

The amount of detail that one can observe in this virtual wandering is impressive, as it grants the browser a high degree of freedom to poke around and notice features as specific as the fire extinguishers and writing left on one bunk room wall.

By instituting watercraft insurance policies now, the future can be prepared for more adequately and others can be granted more of a chance that they might one day learn something specific from your ships once the active time of duty passes.  There's no telling what advances might depend upon the proper care for your boats, especially once they make the transition to museums or cultural artifacts.

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