Fisk Marine Insurance International has made multiple appearances in New Orleans recently, and will be continuing this trend in March at the Subsea Tieback Forum & Exhibition, taking place from March 3 to 5 at the Earnest N. Morial Convention Center. Visitors still have time to register online and prepare for the exciting event.

On the Forum's official website, anyone interested in participating can learn more about what to expect based on previous versions. Last year, the Forum was held in San Antonio, Texas, and brought 224 different exhibitors as well as a total of 2,870 attendees. According to the official 2014 post-show report, more than 87 percent of attendees planned on returning in 2015 for the New Orleans conference.

Last year's official event theme was "It All Ties Back to Here." This year the theme is "Subsea and All That Jazz." There will be networking sessions, open periods and plenty of time for visitors to investigate the different exhibitors.

The site also features information about the goals of the event and what attendees should expect from the conference, as well as the preliminary event guide, free for download. A slideshow highlights some of the most memorable moments from last year, which can give new attendees an idea of what to expect.

"The content addresses new operational issues, challenges, and solutions associated with global deepwater subsea operations," it reads. "Dialog among strategic decision makers is facilitated through focused presentations, extended question and answer sessions, and networking. This exchange of knowledge represents experiences, applications, and current, real-world project examples."

Be sure to check our blog often for more updates about where we will be appearing and how to find us. We have more exhibitions planned on the horizon and will continue to post updates as we schedule further appearances.

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