From Monday, September 23 through Thursday, September 26,  the OCEANS Conference in San Diego will focus on the bodies of water on our planet, and the owner of Fisk Marine Insurance International, Johnny Fisk, will be in attendance.

The OCEANS Conference will consider different facets of the kinds of issues affecting oceans and the environment, according to the official event website, including the history of marine technology and the various ways that mankind explores this mysterious element. It's only fitting that as the leading provider of various types of maritime insurance for vessels, crew, and associated tools, Fisk Marine Insurance will make an appearance.

Before becoming company owner back in 2009, Johnny worked for 22 years as the executive vice president of the John W. Fisk Company. Now, as owner of Fisk Marine, his particular expertise overlaps with a wide variety of areas, from the laws governing marine crew insurance and other personnel to the liability of parties in the case of submerged equipment.

At the conference, attendees will attend speaking engagements by many experts within the field, including National Geographic oceanographer Sylvia Earle and Craig N. McLean of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. There will also be other events held as part of the larger conference, tutorials that cover different topics of nautical interest and even an "underwater film festival."  

For more information on the conference, and to find out how to attend, visit the official page. Though Fisk Marine Insurance will not be exhibiting at this event, please contact us through this site if you're interested in meeting up at this event.

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