To stay functional, important wharf sites need boat dock insurance that provides protection from prolonged exposure and helps aid in funding reconstruction. In Boston, Massachusetts, authorities hope to replace a decaying section of Burroughs Wharf to fix various structural issues and re-establish the Boston Fire Unit there.

According to, this piece of the dock is supposed to house a firefighting vessel but needs intensive repairs to remain viable. These repairs could begin as soon as the end of 2015 and will be comprehensive, reworking the structure for maximum safety.

The source cites an official slideshow presentation that depicts corrosion on the dock, which has caused concern over whether the firefighting ship John S. Damrell can be properly moored there at present.

The John S. Damrell was officially launched in 2011 and houses a spray cannon used to project water hundreds of feet, making its protection important to containing local fires. Some of the proposed repairs would include widening the dock, fixing the ramp, reducing the chance of noise and preparing the facility to better handle extreme local weather. 

A photo provided by the source depicts how the proposed improvements would allow for more space, with special areas for vessels to dock.

"The new dock will be 7 feet wider, pushing the vessel farther out from Burroughs Wharf, adding more space for the Firemen and reducing the amount of carbon monoxide exposed to the residential units," the source article states. "The dock will be made up of 4 individual steel barges, connected and working in sync with any tides, adding stability and safety."

When a dock becomes so old it can no longer safely and reliably protect important vessels, it could be time for owners to consider an overhaul targeting specific areas of concern in order to provide better service.

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