Many engineers plan to job hop this year, seeing if the grass is greener someplace else.

Engineering is an industry unto itself, but it's also one that touches numerous others, from architecture, to computers to marine engineering. What's more, engineers are almost always in demand. It's for these reasons that a number of professionals – both rookies and veterans – are contemplating testing the waters to pursue a new position, a newly released survey suggests.

At some point in 2017, more than two-thirds of engineers intend to seek out different job opportunities, be them those they already know about or hope to find, according to a poll conducted by recruitment firm ManpowerGroup. Not only will they be on the lookout, but over 8 in 10 say they're confident their efforts will prove fruitful.

While this may be encouraging news for engineers themselves, employers may find this development somewhat unsettling, especially if they have a worker they've come to rely on.

Rich Hutchings, executive vice president of ManpowerGroup's engineering division, noted that businesses need to get to the bottom of why their workers are contemplating walking in the first place.

"[The] ease of job hopping today means employers need to get serious about their retention strategies," Hutchings explained. "That requires a deeper understanding of what engineers really want from their jobs."

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